Explore the medium
of encaustic painting

Explore the medium of encaustic, a centuries old method of painting in which dry oil pigment is suspended in a binder of beeswax and Damar resin crystals. The result is a luscious, shimmering and vibrant work of art. In this 4-hour class, students will take a painting method that is centuries old and use it in a contemporary fashion. Various techniques will be incorporated, including layering, fusing, incising, scraping, and combining pigments and collage. Safety precautions will be discussed as well as the history of encaustic. All supplies are provided.

Since 2001, I have been teaching encaustics at Riley Street Art Supply in Santa Rosa, California, and out of my studio, northeast of Santa Rosa.  Below are descriptions of both Introductory workshops and Intermediate to Advanced workshops.  I find it most effective to have a small number of students in each workshop and limit that number to 4 to 6.